Ij.start.canon/setup | Canon Wireless Printer Setup for Windows & Mac

By on July 7, 2021

What is ij.start.canon/setup?

Ij.start.canon/setup is a official website where you can download drivers for Your Canon printer model. Once you visit this website you will see four options which are given below.

  1. Setup- Once you click on first option which is set up you will see select product mail below that there in search box,You need to enter your printer model here and then press enter. Else at the bottom you will see there is a list of the model number second straight from there and then download the drivers.
  2. Read online manual- In this section you will find all the printer models and click on that to check the manual of that printer. In this manner you will see all the required instructions to install your printer model on your Windows Mac android or your iPhone.
  3. See recommended functions- Once you visit this section click on your model number and you will check the functions of your printer. Functions means which all the features as your printer like scanning fax and other features.
  4. Frequently asked questions- In this frequently asked question section you will see that all the solution for common problem with Canon printer.Problems like Printer showing off-line, not able to install the drivers, Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi,  printer not printing properly, printing not printing black color.

 How to install Canon Pixma wireless printer on windows 10 computer using ij.start.canon/setup?

Read all the below steps carefully which will help you to install your Canon PIXMA wireless printer on your Windows 10 computer.

  1. In very first step you need to connect your Canon printer with your Wi-Fi router.
  2. To connect Canon printer the Wi-Fi router on You can you put the screen press the menu button, select wireless LAN option then go to the SSID option.
  3. In SSID you will see the list of available Wi-Fi router is unity select your Wi-Fi connection and enter the password press okay.
  4. Once you see your printer is connected successfully press the okay button.
  5. Now on your Windows 10 computers you need to open control panel and select add printers option. Here you will see the list of the fittest you need to select the printer and Press next.
  6. Now after few clicks you will see that your printer be installed on your Windows 10 computer how you are able to take printouts.
  7. Steps will install drivers on your computer you were just able to take printouts if you want to use the full personality of your printer like you want to scan the documents just follows the below steps.
  8. Open any browser on your Windows 10 computer like chrome Firefox or edge And type IJ.start.canon/setup in a address bar.
  9. On this website now you need to click on the setup button.
  10. In the search box You need to enter your printer model model you need to click on the go.
  11. Now in setup section click on the download button it will download drivers of Canon PIXMA printer in your Windows 10 computer.
  12. When you see the download will complete you need to open the downloaded file and accept the license agreement press next.
  13. Here you need to select wireless installation option and press next.
  14. After few clicks you need to see that you don’t driver will install on your computer why you can test it with the test printout.

Note- While installing Canon pixma wireless printer drivers on Windows 10 computer,Make sure you are can you printer and your computer both are connected within the same Wi-Fi connection or Wi-Fi router.

Steps to install Canon PIXMA wireless printer drivers on your Mac computer.

Now I will tell you how you can install Canon PIXMA wireless printer drivers on your Mac computer just follow below instructions carefully.

  1. Now in first step you need to connect your Canon printer with your wireless router all the steps are already given to you just follow them.
  2. On the top left corner you need to click on the Apple icon and go to the preferences, Here you need to open printer and fax option.
  3. Now click on the plus icon find your printer on the network,Here you need to select your printer from the list impress the next button.
  4. Here you will see after few clicks your printer Driver will install on your Mac computer.
  5. To install the full drivers you need to open official website of Canon printer which is ij.start.Canon/setup
  6. In the search box you need to enter your printer model and press enter it will automatically locate the operating system of your computer now click on download button.
  7. Now locate download folder on your Mac computer, Open the Canon PIXMA wireless printer set up file.
  8. In the first section you need to accept the license agreement and then press next.
  9. Select the wireless installation options and press the next button to proceed with the further steps to install Canon PIXMA wireless printer drivers for your Mac computer.
  10. I just follow the on-screen instructions and complete them to complete the installation of canon printer driver.

Conclusion- Hope now you all know how you get the stone Canon PIXMA wireless printer drivers on your Windows 10 and your Mac computer.If you like this article share this article as much as you can so everyone knows how they can use Ij.start.canon/setup  website to install the Canon printer drivers.